People Believe in God Because
They Can’t Believe Their Parents Created Them

PBGBTCBTPCT  is an installation / improvised performance that takes place in a gallery setting.  It combines the artistic practices of two or more artists and, in doing so, creates a third piece comprised of their parts but unique unto itself.  The work is based on systems of collaboration, procreation, intercourse, artistic genetic dispositions and chance.

                  This specific installation of PBGBTCBTPCT combines the work of my mother, Joy, with the work of my father, Jimmy.  Both pieces were created in the seventies when they were in their 20ies.  Joy’s work will be her MFA thesis project, in which she took Mendel’s law  (principles that govern heredity) and applied it to the study of color. This generated over 100 color charts that will be framed and hung on the walls.  Jimmy’s piece will be an enactment of his work as a hairdresser.  Le Jazz,  the salon in which he designed and worked is replicated on one wall, and he will cut hair on at his old chair.

                  The world around is littered with psychological flotsam and jetsam, which we constantly try to create narratives, theories and myths to explain.  I am compelled to direct these two artists in particular because, obviously, they made me and are still trying to make me. Enacting this piece flips the maker and makies on it’s side displacing their power, stirring languages and creating possibilities.  The experience I am foreshadowing will be highly anticipated but awkward and fumbling in the beginning, followed by at least one climax and then perhaps exhaustion for some maybe frustration for others.
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