Crappy Hour, BARBARTER @ USA

Thirsty? Broke? I BarBartered at USA July 1, 2010 ... Patrons brought something to Barter for a drink...Art, Videos, Rhymes, napkins to draw on provided.
People got to see what their crap was worth in liquid! 

Wait staff delivered work to the guest curator and myself at the bar, where it was given the value of a drink ranging from champagne to prune juice and nuts. Virgin and slutty beverages were available.
Bartered goods were on display at USA throughout the night.
Guest Cock and Tail aka Jennifer Sullivan and David Riley playing the role of Diane and Carla, Guest Curator Lumi Tan playing Frasier, I am Sam, Roman and Diane Played Woody, be my norm and cliff!

USA is a secret spot run by the divine Joshua Seidner, 202 rivington btwn ridge and pitt. under the spanish american restaurant.  Go into the restaurant walk to the back where a bathroom would be, door on left go down stairs.

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