K.R.A.P. 7.24.10

Part of the Bruce High Quality Field of Dreams in Prospect Park

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Through modern analysis and ground breaking artistic visualization methods you will have the opportunity to achieve complete dream visualization for one day only.
Please locate our tent and come in for your very own complimentary once in a lifetime experience.  Following the legacy of the Kirlian Photograph, Litchenberg Figures, Sigmund Freud, multi-cultural dream theories/techniques and the works of Nikolai Tesla,  this revolutionary experience will create a xerox of your inner subconscious aura.  All you need to do is come in, relax and relay a dream to the analyst.  No invasive procedures, no messy wires, this is a holistic, non-invasive experience to gain complete visualized and materialized interceptions.

Miss Alyssa Taylor Wendt will be live on hand analyzing accompanied by renowned visualizers Diane Stein- Barcelowsky and Brina Thurston