Valie Export of the Dolls


Part of the NADA Artists Halloween Ball

A troop of artists revived the dead performances from female performances artists from the 70s for this special event at the Ball. There were also be Celeb-ish judges giving costumes the scrupulous critique every artist deserves.Participating artists:
Tatianna Kronburg as Adrian piper mythic being
Erica Magrey as Louise Bourgeois's "A Banquet/A Fashion Show of Body Parts"
Alyssa Taylor Wendt as Meatjoy
Joanne Kim as Yoko Ono
Luke Brown as Yoko Ono “Cut”
Other artists include:
Jennifer Rodewald
Rebbecca Marks Leopold
Renata Espinosa
Lisa Cohen
Chris Lee
Abby Walton
Joshua Altman
Jasmine Spatcher
Monica Abend


Yasha Wallin Halloween Fair for Art in America "Ghouls Haunt NADA HAlloween Ball" 11.1.10