Performance/installation March 4, 2011 @ Interstate Projects

At 6:05 pm myself, Jen Rodewald, two NYU film students with hidden cameras(Alexander Schaefer and Emerson Rosenthal), three teen performers from queens armed with boxes of chocolate bars (Malik Ray, Demeterie Theodore and Sheldon Theodore) and about 100 New Yorkers got on the L train at 8th ave and road it to the Morgan stop in Bushwick.  Those lucky straphangers got to experience a performance where the teens went from car to car seemingly hawking chocolate bars to passengers.  Only these teens were not selling candy for basketball uniforms or made-up charities, in fact the chocolate was not available to anyone on the train. The performance continued at interstate gallery in Bushwick where the teens did their spiel but this time no one left the gallery without a chocolate bar in hand. Joshua Altman the creater of the artisanal chocolate company "What Am I? Chocolates" helped with the bars and custom silk screen prints done with dark chocolate. Below is a still of the installation in the gallery and a still from the subway and some video footage from the performance in the gallery.