The Open Call is now closed, thank you to all who all participated. Open Call took place on October 16, 2009 at the Impossible Exchange booth as part of the 2009 Frieze Fair Projects. Throughout the day, all jpegs submitted to Open Call via the web were screened and juried live. A group of local artists also participated by bringing works to the fair for live review sessions in the style of Antiques Road Show.

Over 400 artists from all over the world participated view the poster/program of the event with their naimes and thumbnails pdf download

Downloadthe days agenda and list of the reviewers

View photographic documentation of the event


Within the framework of Frieze Projects at the 2009 Frieze Art Fair, New York based artist Brina Thurston is organized Open Call, a project presented by curators Filipa Oliveira + Miguel Amado as part of their project “Impossible Exchange”.

Brina Thurston’s Open Call considers the ostensibly democratic process by which art institutions invite artists to submit works to be considered for exhibition, but in which many factors other than quality and merit operate. Transporting what happens behind closed doors to a public arena, this project consists of an open call to artists that are not included in the 2009 Frieze Art Fair and the presentation in a booth of all the proposals submitted for one day. Thurston queries the existing logic of open calls by providing exposure opportunities for a range of artists outside of the gallery system and shifting the power of selection to the artist.

If you were an artist not included in the 2009 edition of the Frieze Art Fair, you were welcome to submit proposals for Brina Thurston’s project. Submissions were due by September 20, 2009. Throughout the day, all jpegs submitted to Open Call via the web were screened and juried live. A group of artists also brought works in for live review sessions.

Guest Reviewers for Open Call:

Joana Bastos is an artist who splits her time between London and Lisbon. She is currently performing her piece as Hostess where she supports the other artists in the curated Frieze Project Impossible Exchange.

Rachal Bradley is a London based visual artist. Born in Blackpool, she studied in London and Los Angeles. She works with the subject of photography and image making, creating works that are referent to the medium's vocabulary and architecture, and understanding its other worldly and transformative qualities. She also works with the Canadian filmmaker Margaret Haines.

Michael Caputo is a New York based artist and curator.  He studied in Pittsburg and he works in painting and sculpture.

Kirsteen Macdonald is a curator from Scotland.  She is currently working with the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Arts.

Michele Robecchi is an Italian born writer and critic.  He is currently living in London working as an editor at Phaidon.

Lumi Tan is an independent curator and writer from New York City. She
Is currently the Guest Curator at the FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais,
Dunkerque, France.

Peter Wylie is a critic/writer from Scotland now based in London.  He currently contributes to Art Monthly.

*Note special guest reviewers also made an appearance; including artist who participated in the call.


The call is now closed but the following were the guidlines for the call.

Submission Guidlines

* Installation shots, video stills, performance documentation and other media are welcome. There is a limit of one submission per artist.

Image Guidelines

* Image submissions must be in JPG format, no larger than 1 MB * Images should be labeled lastname_firstintial.jpg (i.e. Smith_J.jpeg) * The image you submit will be viewed in the booth at the art fair digitally and you may choose to put your name, title, year, medium, and dimensions on the image, but this is not necessary.


On Site Review

There are a limited number of passes for artists who will be in London during the fair. If you are available and can easily carry your work to the fair please indicate this on the online form. You will be contacted in advance to schedule your live onsite review in the style of “Antiques Road Show”. Note: These passes will be distributed on a first to apply basis